The competition is OVER

The correct answer has been found and the winner (from Germany) has been notified. The correct answer was Sacred Gold, which is the popular RPG, Sacred, and its expansion, Sacred Underworld. We will leave the image unfading so those that didn't know can keep looking to see what it would look like! Several people guessed 'Sacred' or guessed and didn't say WHY they guessed Sacred Gold, those were requiremenets we did clearly say, so, sorry to you guys who maybe would have won if we were being a bit less strict with the rules.
The exposed image is now available here. For those that thought it was Sacred and wonder how they could know it was 'Sacred Gold', in the image, the menu screen in the top left mentions the Underworld campaign, the character in the left middle is a dwarf, only available in the expansion, and the hand in the bottom left is from the Underworld intro video and never appears in the original game.

Welcome to the new Linux Game Publishing competition

Below you will see an image. Over the next few days it will slowly reveal itself from the mass of random pixels. The image is a clue to the game that LGP is about to announce we are porting to Linux.

Be the first to guess which game the image is showing, and you will win the first copy of it that is made!

The image only changes once a minute, and every minute an average of 60 pixels are revealed. Please do not reload the image more often than this!

When you think you know the answer, email us and tell us. However to prevent guessing, you must tell us what makes you think the answer is what you think it is. You must get the EXACT name of the game, 'close enough' isnt close enough!

One guess per person per day, anyone guessing more than once a day will be disqualified

Good luck!

Shameless Plug
While you are waiting, maybe you want to go buy something to help us keep making these games for Linux!

So far, aproximately 188322125 pixels have been revealed.